Indian Water in the New West

by Thomas R. McGuireWilliam B. LordMary G. Wallace

Brings together the views of engineers, lawyers, ecologists, economists, professional mediators, federal officials, an anthropologist, and a Native American tribal leader--all either students of these processes or protagonists in them--to discuss how the legitimate claims of both Indians and non-Indians to scarce water in the West are being settled.

Thomas R. McGuire, David H. Getches, Benjamin Simon, Harvey Doerksen, Austin Nunez, Mary G. Wallace, Joseph R. Membrino, Peter W. Sly, John B. Weldon, Jr., Daniel McCool, Mary McNally, William H. Swan, Norman H. Starler, Kenneth G. Maxey, John A. Folk-Williams, Robert A. Young, Roger Mann, John W. Leeper, David Yardas, Teno Roncalio, Michael J. Clinton, Charles F. Wilkinson



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    Indian Water in the New West

    by Thomas R. Mcguire, William B. Lord, Mary G. Wallace
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