New from Open Arizona

The University of Arizona Press is thrilled to feature a new collection on our open access platform Open Arizona, including fourteen works from The University of Arizona Space Science Series. The books were originally published between 1976 and 2000. The collection offers the research and vision of leaders in their fields, including Richard P. Binzel, Tom Gehrels, Mildred Shapley Matthews, and many others. These works provide an archive of the learning and scientific progress, which were published at a pivotal time in several emerging fields connected to astronomy and the space sciences.

New from Open Arizona
Since 1974, the University of Arizona Press has published exceptional works in the field of space science. These volumes bring together the world’s top experts, who lay out their foundational research on current understandings, while also building frameworks for the highest-priority questions for the future. Since 2000, books in the Space Science Series have been produced in collaboration with the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas. This collection ensures that works from the Space Science Series that were once out of print are available again.
The Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition (1886–1889), directed by Frank Hamilton Cushing, was the first privately funded expedition to the American Southwest. The volumes in this collection examine the expedition through the diaries and writings of those who participated. These volumes are part of the Southwest Center Series.
New and featured open-access titles from the University of Arizona Press, available on Open Arizona.
The projects in this collection include new original essays by some of today's leading scholars.
In 2017, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded $73,000 to the University of Arizona to support Open Arizona: A Humanities Open Book Initiative. The grant allowed the University of Arizona Press to undertake a three-year program to make available in an open access format two dozen critical works of scholarship that had formerly been out of print.